Embracing Bracé NYFW At Stewart Hotel NYC

Bracé New York Fashion Week at Stewart Hotel, NYC.
Uninterrupted view from my front row seat at Bracé NYFW. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

For those of you who have followed my Instagram, you may have noticed that Kent and I recently spent some time in New York City (NYC).
We are now back in Sydney and are able to tell the tale. Not only did we enjoy the American hospitality, we were invited to attend a variety of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway shows (read Kent’s coverage here). This post is about what we saw at the closing show of Bracé Designers Émergents De La Mode NYFW, which took place at Midtown Manhattan’s Stewart Hotel.

What Is Bracé Designers Émergents De La Mode?

Bracé NYFW at Stewart Hotel NYC.
Clockwise from top left: 1) Bracé fashion PR Empress Blue greets the crowd. 2) Kent ready for action in the front row seat. 3) Seating arrangement by Young Mogul Media’s Brian Phillips. 4) Showing my appreciation!

Bracé Designers Émergents De La Mode is an exclusive and supportive platform for emerging American fashion designers. It helps in connecting designers with buyers, fashion photographers; manufacturers, retailers; models and of course, the media and press which includes bloggers.

We attended both the 6pm and the 8pm runway shows at the stylish Stewart Hotel. We sure loved our front row seats and let me tell you, the energy was amazing that night and I felt the love and support from the Bracé team to the talents.

My Highlights Of The Shows

Bracé NYFW at Stewart Hotel NYC.
My highlights of Bracé NYFW. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Fashion is a visual thing, therefore I’d let the above pictures do the talking. Joined the 8pm show we saw fashion brands:

Dusk & Dawn
Royal Rebellion
Chicago Playground
Laced by Bossy Couture
Figure 8

And thanks to Kent who captured the energy and the movement from the runway. Love the pictures, well done Kent!

The Entertainment Of Bracé NYFW

Good Life singer Xavier performing at Bracé NYFW in Stewart Hotel NYC.
Enjoying Good Life singer Xavier’s performance at Bracé NYFW. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

More than just a fashion parade, as we were spoiled by one entertainer after another between each label’s showcase; from Good Life singer Xavier to Hip-hop/rap teenage sensation Kandi Reign and many more talented performers who helped to create an exciting and unforgettable evening.

This experience has been among the highlights of my recent visit to NYC. In my coming post, I will reveal the details of my Outfit of the Night (OOTN) for Bracé NYFW!

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Bracé New York Fashion Week at Stewart Hotel, NYC.
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    • Well, there was a 16-year gap between my 2 NYC visits; I’d better make the most of it this time around! 😉

  1. Thank you so much Vivienne I truly am grateful for you attending the show. I will make sure you and your team have all access to every show we have to come in 2018.

    • Thank you Empress and congratulations to you, your team and Bracé NYFW designers. We hope to return NYC and attend Bracé fashion events in the near future! X

  2. Thanks for this AWESOME POST!!! I adore New York and its fashion, would love to see more posts like this.


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