Enchanted By Charles Bridge

White Caviar Life fashion portrait on location at Charles Bridge in Prague.
Enchanted by the picturesque Charles Bridge. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

One thing Kent and I had learnt from our very first visit to the picturesque Charles Bridge in Prague was quite simply, if anyone fancied a beautiful bridge view without being interrupted by hundreds of people, the best solution was to get there very early and preferably soon after dawn!

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Enchanted by Charles Bridge. Portrait photoshoot on location at Charles Bridge in Prague by fashion photographer Kent Johnson for White Caviar Life.

So we took our own advice and set the alarm for 5:30AM; by seven o’clock we were ready to leave our hotel for the bridge. As soon as our doorman opened the door for us, the chill and the 0Β°C crisp air hit us immediately.
‘Wow! Talk about freshness…’ I looked at Kent; who, just like myself was covered up from the head to toe: beret, scarf; gloves, boots… We were well prepared.
Although the temperature remained low, it was a clear sky, glorious sunny day.

White Caviar Life Prague fashion story on location at Charles Bridge.
Being an early bird and baring the cold to enjoy this amazing scenery. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

When we walked up the old stone stairs to the west side of the bridge, there it was displayed in front of us ‘boom!’: A 621-metre stretch of cobbled road and stone bridgework, about 30 saintly statues that lined both sides; ancient domes and Gothic towers of old Prague as the backdrop… Yes, that’s Charles Bridge for you! It’s hard not to fall under its magic spell! And thanks to the majority of people who chose to sleep in, Kent and I could enjoy this scenery uninterrupted and indulge in it’s medieval aura.

White Caviar Life fashion story on location at Charles Bridge in Prague.
Every sight you see from the Charles Bridge is a photo opportunity! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

While we thought we were early enough, actually there were other photography enthusiasts on the bridge; each taking a position with their tripod for that elusive perfect shot. Then of course, brides and grooms, the wedding photo crews were all over the bridge as well. This coterie of die hard early birds were all aiming for the same goal – nailing a breathtaking view with their camera!

A big contrast to my all-cover-up ensemble were those brides (mostly Chinese and Korean), they were wearing barely-there gowns of lace or silk. Although in between shots, assistants would rush over and covered them up with big quilted coats and padded parkas, I admired their determination.

White Caviar Life Prague fashion story on location at Charles Bridge.
With a view like this, how could one not fall under Charles Bridge’s magic spell! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

‘I thought I was baring the cold!’ I jokingly said to Kent while another oriental bride walked pass in her ‘tea bag’. Soon after as it passed eight o’clock, Charles Bridge started to get busy and it was time for us to go.
‘We’d better come here even earlier next time!’ Kent suggested. ‘Yes we should.’ I agreed as we strolled back to our hotel along the Vltava river; it was a perfect timing for some much needed hot coffee and breakfast!

Vivienne Shui Prague street style for White Caviar Life.
Not even the 0ΒΊC chill could dampen our excitement to see Charles Bridge early in the morning. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Photography / Kent Johnson
Styling / Vivienne She

Outfit Of The Day

Galeries Lafayette beret
Fendi sunglasses
Witchery turtleneck sweater
Trussardi double-breasted jacket
Gregory Ladner gloves
Innovare handbag
Louis Cardini belt
Just Jeans jeans
Urban Soul ankle boots

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Enchanted by Charles Bridge. Photoshoot on location at Charles Bridge by Australian fashion photographer Kent Johnson for White Caviar Life.

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  1. The way you review it, it seems like this bridge is there to connect each other’s soul, a very mystic feeling.

    • Thank you Ted, and what an interesting way to see it! Well I’m pretty sure that people who admire Charles Bridge are connected by the respect of history AND the love for the architectural beauty! X

  2. Hi Viv! I left a comment on your old blog regarding NYC. Didn’t realize you had a new blog. Looks amazing!! Hope to see you in NYC. I’ll be there from Sep 8-Sep 21:)

    • Hi Sanne, so nice to hear from you ‘here’ and thank you for your lovely feedback! I literally just tried to leave a comment on one of your NYC food posts about 20 minutes ago but it didn’t seem to appear; not sure what went wrong? Anyway, yes, now you know WCL is my new ‘baby’; Kent and I will be in NYC from the 5th to 21st, September, how’s that?!! We are meant to catch up again ‘WooHoo~’! X

  3. I love the way this post is written! Like a short novel, it’s so easy to get lost in the words and imagine I’m there with you guys. Truly wonderful!! Congratulations to you both on creating such a wonderful blog!!

    • Awww.., thank you so much for such beautiful compliments Mirjana. Your encouraging words and support have put a big smile on my face!! x x

  4. Kent and You are like the ‘Dream Team’! <3

    I love how you've written this post and I'll say this again – Kent takes such fabulous pictures πŸ™‚

    Karan and I just got back from another Europe trip and our last stop on this one was Prague, so I can really connect with this piece. We too set our alarm for 5 a.m and headed to the bridge so we could get some beautiful pictures… it is such a gorgeous city <3

    • Thank you Ankita. Wow~ ‘Dream Team’ – I like it! πŸ™‚
      Yes I’ve been following your Instagram and enjoying your Europe travel photos, can’t wait to read your post about Prague and more. X


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