Discovering Dumplings And Beer (餃子啤酒) On Stanley Street

Food review of Dumplings and Beer on Stanley.
Australian summer, we often think of the beach and of beer (Kent loves beer!). Sydney has great beaches and is a city which does Asian cuisine extremely well. If you have been following our recent posts, you would have noticed that this mini series is Sydney Eastern Suburbs focused, and Stanley Street in Darlinghurst is the first...

A Chinese ‘Dry Duck’ (旱鴨子) At Redleaf Beach

Versace swimsuit photo shoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
Situated in the picturesque suburb of Double Bay; Redleaf Beach on Sydney Harbour is yet another one of The Emerald City's well-kept secrets that you don't want to miss out on. Pin it! Simply known as Redleaf to the locals - it's a harbour pool...

Lunch At Icebergs Dining Room And Bar, Bondi Beach

The facade of the Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Beach.
Bondi, one of Sydney's most famous suburbs and Bondi Beach, one of the world's most iconic strips of sand. Ironically, although I have been a Sydneysider for over 25 years, I seemed to have manged to avoid the whole Bondi scene. Well, I'm not a sun worshipper or a big swimmer and the whole scene simply appeared...

A Serene Summer Day In Sydney’s Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park headshot by Kent Johnson Photography.
Those two-month long summer vacations must have had a lot to do with it... The bicycle rides, my bestie's family dog Taily; Taiwanese shave ice desserts, being free from schooling; climbing a neighbour's mulberry tree, catching grasshoppers in the fields with friends and basking in all the laughter... My memory box of those summers is full of...

Space, Comfort, Convenience – Highlights Of Staying At Meriton Suites Bondi Junction

Meriton Suites Bondi Junction reviews by White Caviar Life.
Forever summer, yes that was and perhaps still is my dream...Having immigrated to Australia from Taiwan in 1989, and due to the seasons here being directly opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere; not to mention being a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold... I was lucky to avoid winters for several years...