Orchid Hotel And Our 38-Hour Singapore Stopover

Singapore Orchid Hotel
'To stopover, or not to stopover, that is the question.'Well we all know how painful a long haul flight is; therefore, I decided to have a mini break in Singapore from our Sydney to Prague travel. Pin it! Arriving Singapore, we couldn't be happier to...

Russell’s Reserve Small Batch Bourbon Launch At Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

Russell's Reserve Small Batch Bourbon Launch at Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney.
Kent and I have just returned from Prague via Singapore two days ago. While Europe is getting warmer; Australia is getting cooler by day, so it's time to stock up some whisky and revisit this fabulous event we were invited to... It’s a date with bourbon.., and a great opportunity to wear my grey...

My Vintage Occasion – When East Meets West

White Caviar Life fashion story on location at Fitzroy Inn, Mittagong.
Fitzroy Inn's period charm provided a gorgeous backdrop for our fashion story. To compliment the period charm, I selected pearl earrings, an Eastern bygone-era inspired kimono silk top (which I have owned for years), and I mixed them with gold accessories. Pin it!

Read, Relax, Recharge – My Fitzroy Inn Birthday Retreat

Historic Inn Superior Room
We arrived at Mittagong station by two o'clock in the afternoon. Made a call to the hotel who were already expecting us, and were picked up by friendly staff member Simone within five minutes of alighting from our train. After a slightly longer scenic drive back to the Inn, 'It's hard to cross the Highway if you take...

Time Out To Walk In History At Fitzroy Inn, Mittagong

Fitzroy Inn, Mittagong
Between 2008 and 2010, I was splitting my time between Sydney and Mittagong. And although I had never been there, I had then heard of a picturesque hotel the Fitzroy Inn just on the edge of the town.Returning to Mittagong to enjoy a long weekend away with Kent recently, I decided it was time to visit and...