Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion story by White Caviar Life.
It was mid October. The just-after-dawn morning air was crisp and fresh with a hint of the sea. It was not our first time walking this Venetian island, but it was the first time Kent and I had explored it together. Our goal was a photoshoot to capture the essence of what we liked, what we'd seen...

Venissa Wine Resort – A Foodies’ Paradise

Venissa Wine Resort reviews by White Caviar Life.
During the planning of our Northern Italy trip, when it came to booking Venice, Kent shared with me two of his main concerns: 1) Where to go to find relief from Venice's shoulder-to-shoulder crowds should they prove too much? 2) Where to go to enjoy good food and authentic Venetian cuisine? Then he 'discovered' the Venissa Wine...

‘Ladies On The Green’ Charity Lunch – How We Celebrate International Women’s Day

'Ladies on the Green' charity lunch at the Coogee Beach Club.
What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than by supporting charities that are dedicated to helping women!The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the Federation of Italian Chefs (FIC) hosted a charity lunch at Coogee Beach Club on March 8th, the International Women's Day. All fundraising proceeds from this event go to the Domestic...

The Girl With Her Vintage Bike

'The Girl with Her Vintage Bike' Como cycling fashion story.
The moment I laid my eyes on those stylish bicycles with front baskets provided by our Como B&B host family, well the vintage style reminded me of my very first iron horse (the nickname for a bicycle in Taiwan). Mine was a real vintage, it was a hand-me-down from my dear aunt.

Dinner At Napule E’ Lago In Como

Napule รจ Lago Ristorante Pizzeria food reviews.
Returning from Bellagio after a day out on picturesque Lake Como, we alighted at the ferry wharf and crossed the road from the lake front to Piazza Cavour. On the trip down the lake we had decided on a recommended pizzeria for dinner, and just needed to find it. Pin it!