InterContinental Singapore, Truly A Trip Down Memory Lane

InterContinental Singapore hotel reviews by White Caviar Life.
Singapore for me? Well for many years, it was just a stop-over, whether I was travelling from Perth to Taipei or vice versa. Although I had heard how clean this Garden City was and had come across how well mannered Singaporeans were. Strangely enough, these virtues seemed to have curbed my desire to break my journey for...

2019, Marking The 30th Year Of My Immigrant Life In Australia

Fashion portrait on Sydney Harbour Bridge by photographer Kent Johnson.
Yes you read it right. 2019, marks the 30th year of my immigrating to Australia. Those who are close to me would already know that I was sponsored by my mother; who was already an Australian citizen by the early 1980s. I joined her, my English stepfather and my two half-sisters in Perth, making their home my...

Ristorante Venissa – A Michelin-Starred Destination

One-Michelin-star Ristorante Venissa food and restaurant reviews.
Continuing with our Venissa journey, exploring the many facets of this wine resort… It's a winery, a farm; a boutique hotel and a gourmet destination. In fact, our most sophisticated dining experience in Venice happened right here on Mazzorbo, at Ristorante Venissa. We walked out across the terrace past the white rose garden, which...

Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion story by White Caviar Life.
It was mid October. The just-after-dawn morning air was crisp and fresh with a hint of the sea. It was not our first time walking this Venetian island, but it was the first time Kent and I had explored it together. Our goal was a photoshoot to capture the essence of what we liked, what we'd seen...

Venissa Wine Resort – A Foodies’ Paradise

Venissa Wine Resort reviews by White Caviar Life.
During the planning of our Northern Italy trip, when it came to booking Venice, Kent shared with me two of his main concerns: 1) Where to go to find relief from Venice's shoulder-to-shoulder crowds should they prove too much? 2) Where to go to enjoy good food and authentic Venetian cuisine? Then he 'discovered' the Venissa Wine...