Cheetah On Leopard, Wear Animal Print Fiercely

Uluru safari fashion story by White Caviar Life.
'Do you think this is too much animal print going on?' I asked as I turned to Kent with a cheetah pattern scarf wrapped around my face. I thought upping the animal stakes with a double print approach would get a laugh from Kent. Instead of hearing 'that's too much animal print happening', he said 'you look...

Lunch At Tasty Eating House (香滿堂) In Chatswood, Sydney

Chinese restaurant Tasty Eating House 香滿堂 in Chatswood; review by White Caviar Life.
What Attracted Me To The Tasty Eating House 香滿堂? The first time was actually its interior decoration which reminded me of those traditional tea-houses that belong to an inn in a kung fu movie. Located on the ever busy Victoria Avenue in Chatswood; thanks to its decor I caught a glimpse of this Chinese...

At The Red Carpet Opening Of United Cinemas Opera Quays

At the Red Carpet Opening of United Cinemas Opera Quays.
On the 26th of February, Kent and I attended an invitation to the red carpet double-opening of United Cinemas Opera Quays; followed by the Australian premiere screening of Cameron Mackintosh's production of Les Misérables. A Lavish Opening Of United Cinemas Opera Quays The former Dendy Cinemas Opera Quays has changed hands...

5 Things We Learnt While Staying At Voyages Ayers Rock Resort

Voyages Ayers Rock Resort reviews and Uluru travel tips by White Caviar Life.
Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, best known as the Ayers Rock Resort; is nestled in the desert only 25km from Uluru. What attracted us to the resort other than its nearness to Uluru, was the variety of accommodation options on offer. We decided to split our 12-night stay between Sails in the Desert and Desert Gardens Hotel (with...

Taipei To Uluru 26 Years In The Making

Environmental conscious fashion story by White Caviar Life. Photoshoot on location at Uluru by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
Year 1993… At the beginning of 1993, I was only a few months into adjusting to a new life in Taipei again. That was after returning from Shanghai due to the breakdown of my marriage. I had adopted the local rhythms of life and enjoyed window shopping like most of the Taipei girls do in their spare...