The Venice Of My Dream Is Real

Chinese Empress style golden yellow jacket worn and styled by Vivienne She for White Caviar Life. Fashion shoot on a Venetian gondola in Venice by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
The gondola of my dream is real,Moored in front of me.Stepping on the lustrous black boat,A familiar dream I had many rehearsals.Aurelia and Aurelio my two golden hippocampi,Whisper to me:Signora, the ride has begun, here we go… In my black heels and honey shades,In my lush oriental coat,Floating away in awe.I surrender myself to La Serenissima,Queen of the Adriatic is...

Our First Venetian Dining At Ristorante Ai Barbacani

Ristorante ai Barbacani food review by White Caviar Life.
One of the best things about being in Venice is that you easily become lost but end up discovering something interesting, something new. It was our second day in town and Kent and I were looking for a dry cleaner or a laundry nearby; Kent also wanted to find out the path to the Rialto Bridge from where we were...

Addio Fernando… The Truth Is, I Love Venice More

Venice fashion story by White Caviar Life. Location shoot at the Piazza San Marco by Sydney fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
The woman in red left her last party of the night, and walked into the Piazza San Marco at dawn. She's too familiar with the overnight parties but not so familiar with the emptiness of the Piazza she knows so well… She meant to board a boat to be taken towards her upcoming wedding and a new home on...

The Ins And Outs Of Our Cosy B&B Right Beside Piazza San Marco

Venice travel tips. Relais Piazza San Marco reviews by White Caviar Life.
Continuing our early Venice travel story, here's a list of things we wish someone had explained to us before booking Relais Piazza San Marco. A Hotel? A Guesthouse? What Is Relais Piazza San Marco? When we put Relais Piazza San Marco into Google search, it shows up as a 4-star hotel on the Google review page. After staying there ourselves, we...

Arriving Venice From Milan… The Day We Check In To Relais Piazza San Marco

Suite with a rooftop view of St Mark's Basilica and St Mark's Campanile. Reviews of Relais Piazza San Marco by White Caviar Life.
Venice Has Always Been A Dream Venetian masks, gondoliers in their striped shirts; the grandest of piazza, the reflection of a bridge over a canal… these are some of the imaginings conjured up when I think of Venice. Always on my must-see list; Venice has been right up there with Paris, Rome and New York City. Even before this trip...