Our Buffet Dinner At Ilkari Restaurant In Yulara

Ilkari Restaurant at Sails in the Desert, Yulara. Buffet dinner at Ilkari restaurant review by White Caviar Life.
Ilkari Restaurant is the house restaurant of Sails in the Desert. The one you visit for your daily buffet breakfast and as day becomes night, it offers reservation-only gourmet buffet dining. Kent and I saved this experience for our very last night in Yulara. The main reason was very simple - I try to avoid overeating and thus putting...

Welcome To Our Backyard

Australian Outback fashion shoot by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson. Vivienne She, writer and creator of White Caviar Life and vivalaViv. Location shoot at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara.
The view, that Outback view! As soon as Kent and I checked in to our Superior Room at Sails in the Desert, we were immediately enchanted by this 'perfect Australian Outback scenery' that started from our balcony… The red sand dunes and desert bushes were under the cover of the deep blue sky. We knew straight away - 'This...

10 Things To Know Before Booking Your Stay At Sails In The Desert

Superior Room of Sails in the Desert. Sails in the Desert and Voyages Ayers Rock Resort review by White Caviar Life. Interior photography by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson.
Following up on our experiences at the Voyages Ayers Rock Resort (also known as Ayers Rock Resort) in Yulara; here are 10 things we learned about Sails in the Desert during our 8-night stay there… 1) Complimentary Airport Transfer Complimentary return coach transfers are provided from Ayers Rock Airport to any of the Ayers Rock Resort accommodation, meeting all scheduled flights....

Happy Hours At P.J. Clarke’s In New York City

Mitzie Mee creator Sanne and White Caviar Life creator Vivienne She at P.J. Clarke's in New York City. P.J. Clarke's pub review by White Caviar Life.
As soon as we checked in to The Lombardy, Peter, our well-travelled Aussie-English friend in Sydney recommended us a bar nearby, saying: 'You are very close to the original P.J. Clarke's. It's an old building surrounded by skyscrapers, a holdout against development. You must check it out while you are there!' Knowing Peter and his good taste, we thought...

From A Floral Dress To Recovering A Sense Of Well-Being

Vivienne She, writer and creator of White Caviar Life. From A Floral Dress to Recovering A Sense of Well-Being fashion story by White Caviar Life. Horse Carriage Rides in Central Park photoshoot by Australian photographer Kent Johnson.
When the 9/11 tragedy happened I was on holiday in Manhattan. It was my very first trip to the United States and it's something I've had time to ponder… Should I write about this momentous moment, and my time moving through it? Having witnessed such a horrendous event, my shock and sadness were beyond words… that story belongs to...