Como, You Had Me At My First Stroll

White Caviar Life Lake Como photoshoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

That September afternoon Kent and I set out for a stroll from our accommodation through the old town to Lake Como. The weather could not have turned out more beautifully. It was my first visit to Lake Como although Kent the early bird, had already enjoyed a morning bike ride beside this famous lake.

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White Caviar Life Como fashion story by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

I left without make-up on, well only my lipstick. The purpose of our walk was not to find a portrait opportunity, just to take some time to get to know our surroundings and perhaps do some location scouting along the way.

White Caviar Life Lake Como photoshoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

Late summer, warm afternoon light enhancing the richness of the details and colours of those historical buildings and churches. ‘It’s like a golden filter for everything.’ I said to Kent while admiring the Romanesque, Baroque; Gothic; Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture. ‘Very soft this European light!’ Kent kept emphasising throughout the entire trip. Next minute, you know I was in front of his camera. No make-up on but so what? The light was just too glorious to be wasted!

White Caviar Life Como fashion story by photographer Kent Johnson.

We stayed a little while enjoying people watching at Piazza del Duomo, then kept walking until we reached another lovely square – Piazza Cavour; suddenly, that famous lake was just across the lakefront drive. Facing this picturesque outlook, I was immediately struck by the blue of the lake and the sky, the greens of the trees on the foothills of the Alps; the villages in the distance and colourful villas dotting the panoramic view! Breathtaking? It’s a paradise!

White Caviar Life Lake Como fashion story.

We kept strolling by the lakeside, there were locals walking dogs, family out to play; a few guys enjoying their fishing, people on bicycles; a hen’s party doing a group photoshoot and of course, young lovers holding hands waiting for sunset… At the same time, so calm and tranquil. Not only does Lake Como live up to its reputation for loveliness; its stunning scenery and the serene atmosphere exceeded my expectation. Being at the southern tip of the lake, Como and its proximity to the Alps makes this historical city a tourism destination well worth visiting. For me it was simply, the sophistication, the beauty; the peaceful pace, and my first impression of the lake from this stroll left me wanting for more.

White Caviar Life Lake Como fashion story.

Photography / Kent Johnson
Styling / Vivienne She

Outfit Of The Day

David Jones hat
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses
Karl Lagerfeld dress
Citizen watch
DSQUARD2 cross body bag
Nikon D90 DSLR camera
Salvatore Ferragamo heeled sandals

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White Caviar Life Italy fashion shoot on location at Lake Como.
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  1. Hi Vivienne,
    Lake Como looks like a very beautiful place and I want to visit there in the future.
    I love your glamorous summer outfit.

  2. I like how you combine travel and fashion in this post…. yet again, another great set of photos!


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