Havana Themed Spring Soirée At Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour

Havana themed Spring Soirée at the Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour.
Learning a thing or two about Cuban cigars from Cigar Journal's Samuel Spurr. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Spring – in the Southern Hemisphere – is only days away; I want to take you to revisit this fabulous spring event. Well it was where Kent’s Street Fashion Sydney and my vivalaViv were invited to the Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour for its new menu launch and celebrating the arrival of spring…

It was a day, a night of spring chill in the air; so no colourful Havana dress for me. Instead, I decided to channel the old Hollywood glamour by wearing faux fur (that’s right) on top of my blue velvet ankle length gown to attend the Havana-theme Spring Soirée.
To celebrate and in my opinion, ‘it’s clever marketing’; we saw a beautiful, welcoming flower media wall in pink roses for guests to have their pictures taken. As much as we enjoyed the bubbles, oysters; finger sandwiches and live band, the Havana-theme party was really happening upstairs at the Cohibar. ‘Let’s check it out!’ Kent and I were excited about this party-take-2 as we walked up those outdoor stairs with Darling Harbour’s neon-colour night view as the backdrop. Minutes later, on those same outdoor stairs, there was a crowd-wowing fire dance performance.

The Havana-theme Cohibar, how was it? Cuban cigar smoking, champagne drinking; wine, cocktails and tray after tray of sweets were generously provided to us. The upstairs Cohibar not only had a better view of Darling Harbour (being higher); it had different crowd – the cigar crowd! Although having stopped smoking several years previously, Kent indulged in a Cuban cigar and clearly treasured it. Meanwhile, we happily met and chatted to Samuel Spurr from Cigar Journal, who obviously knew quite a thing or two about Cuban cigars.

Thank you Inlumino Communications once again for the invite. We had a blast!

Havana themed Spring Soirée at the Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour.
Clockwise from top left: 1) ‘Girls just want to have fun!’ 2) Couldn’t resist to have my portrait taken in front of this pretty pink roses ‘media’ wall. 3) Anna Mace (left), the Head Booker of Sydney’s WINK Model Agency, myself and Sam posing for Kent with Cuban cigars. 4) ‘Who wants more cakes?’

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Spring Soirée at Watershed Hotel Darling Harbour.



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