Kicking Off My Event Blogging Journey At DJs VFNO ‘The Social Party’

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
Ever wonder what it takes to become an event blogger? Read on to find out more. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

During the last seven years of my blogging experience, there is one question I have been frequently asked…

‘How do you receive those event invitations?’

Those of you who asked me this question have most likely never read my event posts. What I’m about to reveal here is the WHO, WHAT and WHERE that inspired me to publish my very first event post. And it was from there, my event blogging journey began.

WHAT: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO)

On the 5th of September, 2013, the 4th Australian and globally the 5th annual Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO) kicked off from 4pm in Sydney. Over 175,000 shoppers crowded Sydney’s CBD for runway shows, live music performances; special offers and gifts, extended trading hours; bubbles and celebrity appearances. It was also my date night with Kent Johnson from Street Fashion Sydney. Although just a beginner blogger at vivalaViv, where I was sharing my personal stories through fashion items I’ve owned and loved; it hadn’t crossed my mind that I might write about events someday.

Pitt Street Mall, Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Sydney. Portrait by Kent Johnson from Street Fashion Sydney.
My Outfit-of-the-Night for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2013! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Kent and I met at Pitt Street Mall in the early evening. By the time I saw him, he was already snapping away trying to capture the energy of the people. ‘Stand there.’ Kent directed me to pose beside the illuminated VOGUE light stand. ‘But I don’t like having people around me in my pictures!’ I said. ‘Just do it for me!’ he cajouled. So I did and who knew, it turned out looking so lovely! The crowd has given the shot such a dynamic vibe. I adored it so much that I soon posted it on my blog.

WHO: Kent Johnson – Street Fashion Sydney

‘The photographer who gets booked for a job, is the one the client had dinner with last night.’ Have you heard this saying or similar sayings? Well in my case, the person who plus-one me to this invitation-only The Social Party, is the person I was dating. So the cliché seems true for plus ones too! This particular man (he has since become my partner) happens to be a photographer and a blogger. Yes, that’s Kent, the creative brain behind Kent Johnson Photography and Street Fashion Sydney.

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
Ah! My very first media wall event photograph… doesn’t Kent look dapper!

Ah! My very first media wall event photograph… doesn’t Kent look dapper! We had just arrived on Level Seven at David Jones (DJs) for the VIP party. After having our names ticked off the guest list, we were in but first, the media wall! Brushing shoulders with some ‘familiar faces’ – I said, referring to the celebrities as Kent and I hovered near the media wall. ‘”Familiar faces” does not tell anybody who they are. Try to recognise, identify celebrities.’ A hot tip from Kent right there. I guess event blogging is like a mixed bag of social diary reporter and being a paparazzo. ‘Familiar faces’ does not give readers much information but the names – Sophie Falkiner, Tahyna Tozzi and so on will. Lesson number one learnt, thank you Kent.

WHERE: The Social Party – Level Seven, David Jones At Elizabeth Street

Here’s what happened at The Social Party – the official central hub of VFNO 2013 in Sydney. The hottest party in town was hosted on Level Seven at DJs, Elizabeth Street store. The entire floor decked out decorated with neon lights, lemon trees; tables, booths and couches. A central Mediterranean beach theme pop up bar, where guests lined up for Patron and Ultimate Vodka summer cocktails. (‘Don’t forget the sponsors!’ says Kent.) Fancy something else? The Pilots’ ‘Trolley’d’ mobile bar was there to deliver. Throughout the night I was thrilled to be partying under the same roof with many well known figures from the fashion industry. Here’s what I wrote for vivalaViv:

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
The Social Party – the official central hub of VFNO 2013 in Sydney.

‘Looking left, seeing gorgeous Megan Gale chatting with guests. Having Robyn Lawley as one of tonight’s DJs… soon I spotted fashion designers Kit Willow and Camilla Franks by their distinguishing outfits. I was also delighted to see Vogue Australia’s senior fashion editor Christine Centenera among the night’s fashionable crowd…’

So yes, I blogged this eye-opening experience. That post set the tone for my event coverage to come. Thanks to the quality of Kent’s photographs, I don’t need to use press photos… well, except for shots of the two of us! And inspired by Street Fashion Sydney, my event articles express my own take on these soirées, personal yet truthful. Since this night-of-nights I have been Kent’s plus-one guest to many more fabulous launch parties, and I have blogged most of them. Although there’s no need for me to do anything at all, I don’t believe in free lunch let alone free champagne and goody bags, so I too do my bit.

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
Guests happily socialising at The Social Party! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

‘You will receive your own invites.’ Kent assured me more than once as he read my stories from these outings; assuring me that my work would be appreciated. Well he was right, it did happen. Some invitations even come from overseas! I still remember how excited I was when I found personalised invitations in my Inbox to Art Hearts Fashion New York Fashion Week! There were times when I was able to return the favours by inviting Kent as my plus-one guest for a change!

Well I hope this post answered most of your questions regarding my media launch appearances in the last seven years. A little limelight, the media walls; celebrity spotting, champagne and canapés; an excuse for dressing up and socialising… Do you think you have what it takes to be an event blogger?

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