Lunch With Prometheus At The Rock Center Café, Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center landmarks.
The fluttering flags and the luminous statue of Prometheus are among the famous landmarks of Rockefeller Center. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

If this large complex of 14 matching Art Deco buildings along with the groups of tourists and those colourful flags were not an obvious give away; then that famous golden statue of Greek Titan Prometheus (by American sculptor Paul Manship) would definitely confirm that you have arrived at the Rockefeller Center!

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White Caviar Life food review of the Rock Center Café, Rockefeller Center.

Knowing the Rockefeller Center was built and financed at the height of The Great Depression during the 1930s by the Rockefeller family; it created work for a staggering 40,000 people and helped the local economy tremendously. So, Kent and I decided to do our bit in helping out the American economy too, by having lunch at the Rock Center Café right in the middle of it all.

Summer Garden & Bar At The Rock Center Café

Lunch at the Rockefeller Center.
Kent, about to enjoy his Rock Center Café’s burger and beer. Photo credit: Vivienne She

During the summer months, from mid April to mid October, the sunken Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center switches from the popular ice skating arena The Rink, and transforms into the Summer Garden & Bar – a spacious outdoor dining oasis of the Rock Center Café (RCC). So although we missed out on the winter ice skating, we did gain the opportunity to sit close to the outdoor fountain with a stunning view of the luminous statue of Prometheus, fluttering flags of the nations of the world and the majestic Deco skyscraper ’30 Rock’ towering above us all.

Kent’s Lunch: Burger, Fries & Beer

Food review of the Rock Center Café, Rockefeller Center.
Kent’s lunch: RCC Chef’s Burger. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Kent went for RCC Chef’s Burger, a thick high quality two beef blend patty, vintage cheddar cheese; pickles and onions along with crispy fries and a tall glass of Brooklyn Pilsner.

White Caviar Life food review of Rock Center Café, Rockefeller Center.
Look at Kent’s golden fries! Aren’t they inviting?!! Photo credit: Vivienne She

Look at those golden fries! Aren’t they inviting?!! They were indeed delicious too. Yes I stole some fries from Kent! When I asked him what he thought: ‘Great quality, pretty tasty!’ and ‘Too much to squeeze together and eat with your hands!’.

My Lunch: Shrimp Chop-Chop Salad

White Caviar Life restaurant review of Rock Center Café, Rockefeller Center.
My lunch: Shrimp Chop-Chop Salad. Photo credit: Vivienne She

I ordered Shrimp Chop-Chop Salad and a glass of Prosecco; it was a warm and a rather humid day so I felt like something fresh and light. My chopped shrimps (we call them prawns in Australia) were cooked to good restaurant standard. I love my prawns and I am very fussy! They were great. I was impressed as I saw it as a tourist-driven spot and was not expecting a high level of food quality. The rest? The dressing was light and well seasoned too.

Lunch at the Summer Garden & Bar, Rock Center Café.
Lunch with ‘golden company’ – Prometheus. Fabulous! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Kent ordered more beer (of course) and we sat a little longer enjoying being tourists in this sunken enclave down below the hustle and bustle above. The whole lunch experience was mostly for the sake of ‘I’ve had lunch at the Rockefeller Center’; however, the food turned out to be good so it’s a bonus for us. For a casual lunch it was not cheap but with golden company like Prometheus. It was worth it!

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Food review of the Rock Center Café in New York City by White Caviar Life.

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  1. Your writing style is beautiful and transportative, I felt like I was there! Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

    Ebonee 💛

  2. I’ve definitely done things because of the location so I’m glad that even though it wasn’t cheap, the food was still yummy! Next time I’ll in NY I’ll try and visit. 🙂 xxx

  3. Looks amazing Viv. Golden fries fitting for golden Prometheus! Very fond of shrimp too. Big decisions.


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