Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion story by White Caviar Life.

It was mid October. The just-after-dawn morning air was crisp and fresh with a hint of the sea. It was not our first time walking this Venetian island, but it was the first time Kent and I had explored it together. Our goal was a photoshoot to capture the essence of what we liked, what we’d seen from walking loops around this gorgeous island – Mazzorbo.

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'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on Venetian lagoon island Mazzorbo for White Caviar Life.

Mazzorbo is quite small with a population of about 350. Setting out in an anti-clockwise direction as we left Venissa Wine Resort. The canal front literally deserted; peace and tranquillity is definitely part of the Mazzorbo charm. I have a feeling that this island comfortably lies under most tourists’ radar; in part thanks to its much more popular and populace neighbour Burano.

'Me, Moschion & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Venice lagoon island Mazzorbo.

We strolled along until we reached this blue, water front house which I had been admiring. The ornately decorated door and windows, a balcony with a lagoon view. I imagined the interior and beautiful high ceilings… ‘It must have a glorious past!’ I thought. Every time I walked past it, I fantasied taking it over, renovate it; invest our own taste and love in it and run it as a holiday guest house. In other words, the complete Venetian travel fantasy!

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Mazzorbo, Italy.

‘So we could retire happily here and learn to live like Venetians!’ As I said to a slightly bewildered Kent while he was directing me to ‘walk towards this way’, since his camera was out and he was ready to start shooting.

Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo fashion story by White Caviar Life. Photoshoot on location at Venetian lagoon island Mazzorbo.

Suddenly, the quiet was less so… We heard fast-paced steps coming toward us accompanied by Italian women’s voices. Here was the morning power walking group of ladies Kent had told me about. Yes, he had come across the same group on a previous morning…

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Venice lagoon island Mazzorbo.

This all female brightly track-suited walking team made large strides around the island’s loop in audibly high spirits; they chatted loudly and with such enthusiasm one suspected they hadn’t caught up with one another for ages. ‘Buongiorno!’ came their greetings to us, ‘Buongiorno!’ we repied. ‘Bellissima!’ one lady kindly gave me a compliment. I love how Italians are never slow to compliment one. I owed it to my Moschino little-black-dress.

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' photoshoot on location in Venetian lagoon island Mazzorbo.

Well I’ve owned this Moschino bodycon dress since 1990s. During this trip I had already styled and worn it once, in Monterosso al Mare; though I was not super happy with my shape in the dress. I had noticed that by the time we arrived at Mazzorbo, I had shed some extra weight simply by walking and sightseeing. So here’s my hot tip for you if you want to loose some kilos in a natural, gentle way – go walking! Go and walk a lot! It works.

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Mazzorbo island, Italy.

One shot down, we continued our stroll until we spotted a few rather more colourful houses. For anybody who have heard of Burano would know that this fishermen’s island is well-known for its candy-colour houses. Here in Mazzorbo, there are some brightly coloured houses too, like these you can see in our photos. The difference is, unlike a sea of neon-colour buildings joined in close formation in Burano, they are spread out in Mazzorbo. For those who much prefer a less touristy destination, Mazzorbo truly is a gift.

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Venetian lagoon island Mazzorbo.

We had almost completed our walk-the-loop-around-the-island. Some of the ladies from the power walking group were on their second lap, or even a third?! After wrapping our shoot, Kent continued his 360 Panorama photography of the pretty little church. Myself, I simply took in the island’s landscape for as far as I could see. After all, it was our last full day in Mazzorbo before we headed back to Venice.

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Mazzorbo island, Italy.

Looking back, I admire the locals and how they live their lagoon life proudly. Knowing the acqua alta will come and it does interrupt their routines, they seem to live with it in harmony. When preparing this post I needed to select our final pictures for this travel/fashion story. ‘Here it is!’ I saw my dream house again! That daydreamer in me is still holding a hope wishing perhaps someday it could be mine.

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to host a dinner party under a chandelier in that blue house by the sea…

'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion shoot on location in Mazzorbo island, Italy.

Photography / Kent Johnson
Styling / Vivienne She

Outfit Of The Day

Céline sunglasses
Milana scarf
Moschino dress
Omega watch
Danos heels

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'Me, Moschino & Mazzorbo' fashion story by White Caviar Life. Location shoot on the Venetian lagoon island Mazzorbo by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
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  1. If I’d be sent to a tiny island then this is ideal! Especially with a cat-eyed woman in her little-black-dress on sight….


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