Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 Highlights

Vivienne She, the writer/creator of White Caviar Life at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 fashion shows. Image by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
Loving my front-row seat at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Hello dear readers, after a 48-day journey to Italy, Kent and I are now back in Sydney; even though it’s my third Italian visit, I was still overwhelmed by the beauty of this incredible country.

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Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 highlights.

Our recent journey focused on Northern Italy, beginning in Milan. We then travelled to Cinque Terre for an extended stay; followed by five days in Como before heading back to Milan. The second half of our adventure was three weeks in Venice and its lagoon islands; then back to Milan for few more days before boarding our home bound plane. Needless to say, there are many stories to be told and beautiful pictures too!

So here is my first post from this epic voyage. My apologies for not publishing while away. I felt the time would be best spent working on creating material about the Italy I saw and adored. Also I wanted to minimise my time on the computer so I could enjoy the atmosphere and get to the heart of our Italian experiences.

Well I may have seemed absent from White Caviar Life, but you were surely not forgotten. I’ve been making notes and writing in my head everyday! So many stories, what to share first? Let’s start with Milan! Well Milan equals fashion, it’s one of if not the greatest fashion capital of the world, and I don’t think I could have a complete ‘Milan experience’ without attending Milan Fashion Week (MFW). So here we go…

Oxford Fashion Studio – Milan Fashion Week

Australian fashion photographer Kent Johnson at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 fashion shows. Image by White Caviar Life.
‘Big in fashion!’ Photo credit: Vivienne She

Who is Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS)? OFS is formed by a dedicated team of fashion industry experts, who give voice to and put independent designers on the global map. It is also the only organisation showcasing independent design talents in all of the ‘Big Four’ fashion capitals of the world.
To quote from their website: ‘We are now the acknowledged experts in, and representatives of, independent design culture.’

OFS designers have been featured by Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue magazines in Britain, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and USA. Elle, Grazia; Business of Fashion, Huffington Post; The Financial Times, The Guardian; Marie Claire, Glamour; Evening Standard and more.

The Venue – Hotel Principe Di Savoia

Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 review by White Caviar Life.
Clockwise from top left: 1) Enjoying a media-wall photo opportunity with these English Roses; left to right: Saz, myself; Emily and Liliana. 2) Prosecco? Yes please! 3) Spotted fashion designer Joselyne Umutoniwase and her supporting friends, including fashion insider Alessandro. 4) Kent’s ensemble perfectly complimenting the Marco Polo room.

It’s the 22nd of September, warm and sunny; in other words a perfect day to get dressed up and indulge in moda!
On arriving at Hotel Principe di Savoia, Kent and I were charmed by its manicured gardens, splendid marble lobby and the classic glamour of the interior.

Our reception room, the Marco Polo is a sun-filled, spacious beige and cream room with classic detailing. Stylish crystal wall lights and huge draped windows and doors opening to a garden terrace. This elegant room was where we mingled with other guests as we sipped our Prosecco; while having media-wall pictures taken and networking with fellow fashion enthusiasts prior to both shows.

OFS/SS19 1PM Collection Show – Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 highlights by White Caviar Life. Images by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 1PM Collection Show highlights. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Fabrosanz Creations (South Africa)
Enny Ethnic (USA)
Yurita Puji x Jeany Wang (Indonesia)

Opening the 1PM Collection Show was House of Fabrosanz. Created by a fashion forward female design warrior who embraces her South African roots – this was the message I received from designer Sandi Mabasa’s striking creations. These boldly patterned and strong primary coloured red-yellow blue-green on white outfits are certainly not for wall flowers; be prepared for turning heads when wearing them – and that’s a good thing when it comes to fashion, right?!

The second collection was Enny Ethnic. What really grabbed my attention was the collection’s distinctive patterned fabrics, clearly of ethnic inspiration though less graphic in style than the previous designer’s offering. These bright, punchy, colourful prints work so well with sleek, modern looks – vivid yet so cool! The brand’s goal is to create unique, stylish, hard-to-forget pieces and I think these highly wearable urban-chic garments have achieved that!

Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 highlights by White Caviar Life. Image by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
I’m so in love with this stunning creation by designer Joselyne Umutoniwase! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Instead of sharing my opinion regarding Joselyne Umutoniwase’s RWANDA CLOTHING collection, let me quote them on this gown I’m so in love with… ‘We are reinventing our traditional wear in a more practical and modern (way), like this beautiful blue organza wedding wear with dragonfly embroidery, our accessory bag and a traditional headpiece with beads.’
What more can I say, I love everything about it! Bravo!

Closing the 1PM Collection Show we saw a collaboration between two Indonesian designers. Clothing by Yurita Puji and jewellery/fashion accessories by Jeany Wang.
Exotic and Royal! That’s how I felt about the Yurita Puji x Jeany Wang collaboration. The long train, black satin evening gown is my second favourite creation from the entire day. I also adore the yellow gold and pearl statement jewellery pieces by designer Jeany Wang.

OFS/SS19 3PM Collection Show – Milan Fashion Week

Vivienne She, the writer/creator of White Caviar Life at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 fashion shows.
Feeling the excitement at the 3PM show of Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

GEOJ Official (New Zealand)
Adinda Moeda x Jeany Wang (Indonesia)
CARRA Hosiery (USA)

After a short break and some more bubbles, we were excited to be back for more fashion.

New Zealand brand GEOJ Official opened the 3PM show with unusual outwear-bra and pants, jacket-dress looks in powder pink; faux fur, leathers; lurex and silk… Designer Georgia uses a variety of interesting and some tricky-to-work-with fabrics to tell her unique story.

Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 highlights by White Caviar Life. Images by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
Highlights of the 3PM Collection Show – Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Designer Jeany Wang‘s creations graced the stage again for a second show. This time she was collaborating with Adinda Moeda for The Glow of East Sumba collection. Once again, we saw the rich Indonesian heritage shine through the designs. While adoring Jeany Wang’s bold and eye-catching accessories, I’m equally thankful to have found two Jeany Wang accessories in my goodie bag that day and I have used one for a Venice fashion story. Curious? Don’t forget to follow the blog to find out more!

Last but not least, closing OFS/SS19 Milan Fashion Week was American pantyhose brand CARRA Hosiery. Both male and female models hit the runway in show stopping style wearing little more than the catchy hosiery designs and all models – sporting bold red lipstick! The designer and owner Christi Hairston’s Free the Panty campaign features a build-in panty in its legwear. Made in the U.S.A. with run-resistant fabric; additionally, CARRA Hosiery’s keen awareness of living a hygienic lifestyle makes the brand unique with its antimicrobial finish that banishes bacteria and a moisture wicking gusset.

My Outfit Of The Day For MFW

Vivienne She, the writer/creator of White Caviar Life at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 highlights. Image by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
Like what you see? Stay tuned to my OOTD fashion details in the upcoming post! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

The whole week before attending the fashion event I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t know what the weather would be like or my mood de jour would be. But over all I’m happy with my choice and in my upcoming post I’ll reveal the styling details of this ensemble in a solo fashion post. Although Kent and I have done various collaborations over the past four years; the pictures from this location shoot (spoiler alert) near the Duomo di Milano are rather special. So don’t go away and become our subscriber TODAY to receive the White Caviar Life newsletters first.

Ciao from our Italy trip for now!

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Vivienne She, the writer/creator of White Caviar Life at Milan Fashion Week OFS/SS19 fashion shows. Image by Street Fashion Sydney - Kent Johnson.
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  1. Wow loved all the info and pics and you looked scrumptious along Kent. Looking forwarding to reading more…❤

  2. Thanks for sharing Vivienne! Can’t wait to read more. Your outfit choice is perfect, and the new hair, just stunning!

    • Thank you for your sweet compliments Olivia… meanwhile, I owe my latest ‘Blonde Asian’ look to a wig shop in Chinatown! 😉

  3. As always Vivienne a delightful read from an ever stylish and insightful fashionista; you and Kent have taken me front row…love it!

  4. Great post and Vivienne, you look the part of – how I call it – the “front row society”!



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