A Moment In Time At Rushcutters Bay Park

Portraits with my pet by fashion photographer Kent Johnson. Fashion story by White Caviar Life.
Holly is a beautiful ginger-haired Pomeranian who lives in the Southern Highlands with my former partner as she is his pet. We - Holly and I were inseparable during that two and a half years relationship. Fortunately after the break up, she has been allowed to come up to Sydney and stay with me occasionally. Xiao Dudu 小嘟嘟 is the...

Two Degrees Of Separation – Lunch At Cafe Sydney

Cafe Sydney food reviews. COVID-19 Safe dining experience. The best restaurant with a harbour view in Sydney.
Continuing our Sydney series… I started organising small lunch gatherings this year to see our friends and learn how we are all coping with COVID-isolation. At the same time, I wanted to support local hospitality businesses. I realise that this close circle of people Kent and I are connected to are mostly creatives, especially photographers; so I thought, 'why not...

From The Danish Fairy Tale ‘The Red Shoes’ To Outfit Of The Day

From the Danish fairy tale 'The Red Shoes' to Outfit of the Day. Fashion story by White Caviar Life, location shoot by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson.
Back to the time when I was a teenager…One day, during a visit to my grandparents, I overheard my youngest uncle making this comment about the famous fairy tale of The Red Shoes. 'This story takes the punishment of vanity too far!' My uncle made this statement while chatting with his girlfriend, a primary school teacher. Although how they...

A Long Lunch In Honour Of Friendship At The Taphouse, Darlinghurst

The Taphouse, Darlinghurst, reviews by White Caviar Life.
If anything I have learnt from this pandemic, 'freedom' and 'togetherness' are the two things I have revalued lately. I use the word 'revalue' because these are the two things I have taken for granted for so long… until a wake-up call named COVID-19, which makes me realised how important and precious they are. All of mine and Kent's relatives...

Kicking Off My Event Blogging Journey At DJs VFNO ‘The Social Party’

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
During the last seven years of my blogging experience, there is one question I have been frequently asked… 'How do you receive those event invitations?' Those of you who asked me this question have most likely never read my event posts. What I'm about to reveal here is the WHO, WHAT and WHERE that inspired me to publish my very first...