Kicking Off My Event Blogging Journey At DJs VFNO ‘The Social Party’

DJs VFNO Sydney 'The Social Party' event coverage by White Caviar Life.
During the last seven years of my blogging experience, there is one question I have been frequently asked… 'How do you receive those event invitations?' Those of you who asked me this question have most likely never read my event posts. What I'm about to reveal here is the WHO, WHAT and WHERE that inspired me to publish my very first...

Home Lounge To Hotel Lounge – ‘A Change Is As Good As A Holiday’

Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo reviews by White Caviar Life.
Whether we like it or not, COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The world pauses like we have never seen before. While international travel may depend on the vaccine (or effective treatments), and the vaccine may not be on the horizon for quite sometime; now is the time to embrace our own backyards, our home soil. At the time...

Poncho, Bicycle And Daddy’s Girl

'Poncho, Bicycle and Daddy's Girl' fashion story by White Caviar Life. Sydney graffiti photoshoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.
The very first poncho I had was back at the age of around four. It was a red poncho which featured a fringe hem and olive green, cream and dark red Aztec native print. Back then my parents had been divorced for about a year; so this red creation would have been chosen by my beloved grandmother as she...

A Light Meal At Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots reviews by White Caviar Life.
Les Deux Magots, a Parisian 'literary café' popular since the 19th-century and famous for being the haunt of writers, artists and intellectual giants of the 20th-century. Simone de Beauvoir, Ernest Hemingway; Jean-Paul Sartre, James Baldwin; Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso; James Joyce, Richard Wright and Julia Child were all amongst the who's who of its patrons. No doubt this enviable...

If I Could Have Pont Alexandre III For A Single Hour

Pont Alexandre III fashion portrait by Australian photographer Kent Johnson for White Caviar Life.
An Hour In Grey It was late October, towards the end of her French language course. By coming to Paris alone from Sydney, she had given herself a much needed breath of fresh air, and a break from an ill-fated relationship. He was 18 years her senior and constantly well lubricated. After nearly two months of separation, he flew on...