Au Revoir Lyon, Salut Paris… The Day We Check In To Hotel WO Wilson-Opéra

Hotel WO Wilson-Opéra, one of Paris' best boutique hotels review by White Caviar Life.
Au Revoir Lyon, Salut Paris If there's anything I've learnt from our Lyon trip, it would be: 'don't book for just three nights as we did, stay a whole week or more!' Lyon, the culinary capital of France has shown Kent and I not only gourmet food, this often picturesque and walkable river city has so much more to offer....

Bonjour From A Parisian Rooftop Terrace

Paris rooftop terrace with the Eiffel Tower view. Fashion portrait by Australian photographer Kent Johnson for White Caviar Life.
It was our first morning after travelling back from Lyon. We had a view of the Eiffel Tower and an array of those iconic charcoal-grey roofs and red chimney pots. 'You can't get more Parisian than this!' I said to Kent while soaking up some Parisian sun on our lovely hotel room's outdoor terrace. 'Do you know, out of my...

Magic Moments From The Sounds Of Silence

Sounds of Silence Dinner and Tour review.
Sounds of Silence - a dining experience promising buffet-style bush tucker; an outback dinner party with fellow travellers under a star-filled velvet sky. It sounded so alluring that Kent and I needed very little encouragement to sign up. Cameras, tick! Appetite, tick! 'I think we are ready to go!' A Visual Feast To Start The Journey Our three-hour dinner journey began...

Cheetah On Leopard, Wear Animal Print Fiercely

Uluru safari fashion story by White Caviar Life.
'Do you think this is too much animal print going on?' I asked as I turned to Kent with a cheetah pattern scarf wrapped around my face. I thought upping the animal stakes with a double print approach would get a laugh from Kent. Instead of hearing 'that's too much animal print happening', he said 'you look just like...

Lunch At Tasty Eating House (香滿堂) In Chatswood, Sydney

Chinese restaurant Tasty Eating House 香滿堂 in Chatswood; review by White Caviar Life.
What Attracted Me To The Tasty Eating House 香滿堂? The first time was actually its interior decoration which reminded me of those traditional tea-houses that belong to an inn in a kung fu movie. Located on the ever busy Victoria Avenue in Chatswood; thanks to its decor I caught a glimpse of this Chinese bistro in between a popular Cantonese...