My Six New Year’s Resolutions

Writer and blogger Vivienne She in the '50s inspired fashion ensemble. 1950s cat-eye sunglasses and retro hairstyle. Fashion portraits by Sydney photographer Kent Johnson on location at Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa in Katoomba.
Notes Regarding The Shoot But first, you may recognize this location - our Deluxe King Room in Lilianfels Resort & Spa. There are many benefits you get from shooting in a hotel room, such as weatherproofing, and you get a particular mood depending on the decor. In this case, the colouring of our room echoed my white, pink, and red...

At Billich Gallery’s Annual Christmas Celebration

Christa Billich and Vivienne She at Billich Gallery's Annual Christmas Celebration.
Over the years, Kent and I have been invited to some awesome parties thrown by Charles and Christa Billich. But December is different this year. Due to the recent loss of Charles and Christa's beloved pooch Charlie, the Billichs decided this year's annual event should celebrate the life of their darling pupfluencer. And 'It wouldn't be Christmas without a...

Arriving At Lilianfels Resort & Spa On A Very Foggy Day In Katoomba

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa review by White Caviar Life. A foggy day at the Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa.
It's late summer 2022. With its inviting outdoor pool and picturesque mountain location, the Lilianfels Resort & Spa drew an idyllic picture in my mind. Its convenient location is so close to the Echo Point lookout and the weathered sandstone peaks of the Three Sisters. Looking at the weather forecast for our 10-day mountain retreat at the Lilianfels, delivered...

At China Moments In Time Photography And Book Launch

Writer and blogger Vivienne She and photographer, documentary filmmaker Marcus Reubenstein at the launch of China Moments in Time.
For over a decade from 2009 to 2019, Marcus Reubenstein travelled to more than 30 cities across China. Through his lens, Marcus captured Chinese people he saw along the way, from mahjong players in an alleyway in Guangzhou; to Shaolin monks practicing Kung Fu in Henan province. Kent and I first saw some of this body of work -...

Check In The World Of Urban Lines

Writer and blogger Vivienne She. Clashing checks with tartan fashion ideas. Fashion shoot on location at Luna Park and Lavender Bay in Sydney by Australian photographer Kent Johnson. Styling tips on how to style a tartan pleated skirt.
It has been quite some time since I set my mind on doing a check-on-tartan fashion story. It's a creative assignment to challenge myself. The challenge is styling multiple looks for this tartan mini kilt - the more the merrier. However, it seemed difficult to get the timing right for a photoshoot. When I finally had all the accessories...