A Serene Summer Day In Sydney’s Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park headshot by Kent Johnson Photography.

Those two-month long summer vacations must have had a lot to do with it… The bicycle rides, my bestie’s family dog Taily; Taiwanese shave ice desserts, being free from schooling; climbing a neighbour’s mulberry tree, catching grasshoppers in the fields with friends and basking in all the laughter… My memory box of those summers is full of joy!

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A Serene Summer Day in Sydney's Nielsen Park. Sydney's best outdoor location for portrait photography.

Perhaps being the pre-internet era had a lot to do with it too. The daylight hours then seemed endlessly long and there was no time gap to be filled in by checking smart phones. We were just indulging in the laziness of youth, feeling wonderfully laid-back and enjoying the serenity of being. Yes really! No one needed to take a picture and have the world’s approval to see that we were living the life; we WERE living the life! We were alive and had not a single care…

White Caviar Life fashion story by Kent Johnson Photography.

Oh the irony that at this very time, and with pictures; I’m sharing this story – through the internet. Connecting with my readers, yes you, right here online maybe even via a smart phone. A story from one of Kent’s favourite locations in Sydney to photograph, Nielsen Park.

White Caviar Life fashion story in Sydney's Nielsen Park.

Part of the Sydney Harbour National Park in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Vaucluse. Nielsen Park is well known for its netted beach – Shark Beach; with soft white sand and big ocean rocks on the points, bush and scrub separates the area from the press of the suburbs. A large Spanish Mission style change-room/restroom can be spotted with its colourful terracotta roof tiles and stucco walls. And there’s a Federation kiosk which is dated back to 1914. Needless to say, it is beautiful and versatile having a little bit of everything.

White Caviar Life Sydney Nielsen Park fashion shoot by Australian fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

However according to Kent, even in these days of Trip Adviser, Google Guides and all the social media internet help we are now getting, Nielsen Park is still one of Sydney’s best kept secrets.

White Caviar Life Sydney Nielsen Park fashion shoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

So here we are in the secret park
I was very happy with my new hairdo that day; I’d had a perm and a cut. We tried several spots to shoot that afternoon, remaining mostly in shady areas between the change rooms and the beach. Being my own stylist I felt the need to create a certain mood. The family heirloom hand fan was my big idea, and I have adored this vintage sandalwood fan of my beloved grandmother from the first time I saw her using it in Taiwan. That distinct scent which comes from the fragrant sandalwood it’s made from always reminds me of her.

A portrait of Vivienne by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

It may surprise you that I am not that confident woman who is proud of her own head shots. So I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing, yes for the first time in many many years, and feeling happy with these head shots of myself by Kent. A great tribute to my fresh hairdo and the photographer’s skill! Thank you Kent!

White Caviar Life editorial fashion shoot by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

Kent’s pictures effortlessly captured a time-does-not-exist aura that I was hoping to re-create; of ice desserts, a family dog and catching grasshoppers.., and they do take me back to my sweet summer memories; though now somewhat expanded with new memories that could still be Taiwan, or maybe Spain, Vietnam and perhaps even Rome…
May you enjoy your summer like I did as a child, may that summer seem never to end.

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White Caviar Life Sydney Nielsen Park fashion story.

Photography / Kent Johnson
Styling / Vivienne She

Outfit Of The Day

Chase7 dress
Just Gold rings
Michael Kors watch
Tilkah bangle
vintage sandalwood fan
Prada heels

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White Caviar Life Sydney fashion shoot on location at Nielsen Park.
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Vivienne She
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  1. Such a great location and definitely one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. Though clearly not between Christmas and New Year if my portfolio shoot there this week is anything to go by! Lovely to see such an intimate selection of portraits and thank you for your kind words about how much you like them as headshots. Happy Holidays Vivienne.

    • Thank you for your comment Kent.
      Simply can’t wait to view more of your portfolio shots from Nielsen Park. (I guess that we’ve let the secret out!) 😉
      Cheers~ X


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