Suite Selfie Life – All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go fashion story by White Caviar Life.
When behind the scenes becomes the scene. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

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'Suite Selfie Life - All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go' fashion story by White Caviar Life.

Story One

All dressed up and nowhere to go…
Her hair and make up have been done and she slipped into her gown,
No phone call from him since he was gone,
She waited and waited…
Bubbles, suite; and the moment should not be wasted.
He has been a no show but the champagne has been flowing,
‘Could he be detained?’ ‘Restrained?’ ‘Kidnapped?’ She was not knowing.
Life is too short to be sad in a luxury suite,
Say cheers to the camera, here’s my suite selfie, my sweet.

White Caviar Life
More me time, and some glasses of champagne. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Story Two

All dressed up and nowhere to go…
She is a blogger who travels the globe,
Life in picture perfect squares, made to believe.
Picture of the day – champagne in the suite;
Tripod, self-timer and photoshop, it’s a one woman gig.
‘Are you lonely?’ ‘Never!’ Social networking is 24/7; anytime anywhere to feed the newsfeed.
Photos made, hashtags hashed…
#SweetSuiteLife it’s what she wants you to believe.

White Caviar Life
All dressed up and nowhere to go. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Here’s the low-down about my ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’…

When I decided to share these pictures that Kent and I had worked on while staying in our Walsh Bay Suite, Pier One Sydney Harbour a little while ago; two imagined stories came to my mind. The staged and behind the scenes photos were so different to each other; I was amused by both scenes. The thought of creating these two fictional stories came to me.., little ‘what if?’ fantasies – what if I were here alone and that’s where this idea came from.

Hopefully my two versions of All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go entertain you as much as they entertain me!

White Caviar Life
Sometimes you’ve just got to back yourself! Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Photography / Kent Johnson
Styling / Vivienne She

Outfit Of The Day

custom-made earrings
custom-made gown
Reverie Jewellery rings
Olga Berg beaded evening bag
Antonio Barbato heels

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'Suite Selfie Life - All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go' fashion portraits by fashion photographer Kent Johnson.

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Vivienne is a traveller, author; story teller and sometimes a muse. She seeks a balance between travelling in comfort and style with value; perhaps being the daughter of a hotelier helps there. Through White Caviar Life, you will share in her travel experiences, stories and tips that she hopes to help enhance your own travel.


  1. Ah Vivienne, you have done it again. Wry and fab in equal measure, liked the lines alluding to the always on world of digital influencer in your 2nd story. You and Mr Johnson are a class double act indeed.


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