Vivienne She, the writer and creative director of White Caviar Life.
Vivienne She, the writer and creative director of White Caviar Life. Photo credit: Kent Johnson

Who Is Vivienne She

Welcome to White Caviar Life, a sense of enjoyment, style; retreat and escape from our everyday routine.

My name is Vivienne She, some of you might know me as vivalaViv; I am the writer and creative director of White Caviar Life.
As the first Taiwan-born grandchild of families who escaped from Mainland China at the time of Chinese Civil War, I grew up watching period Chinese drama, Wuxia TV series but also, the Donny & Marie Osmond Show! You could say that my life of East meets West started there and then.

My Western living, however, really began in 1989 when I migrated to Australia, sponsored by my mother and my English step farther.

For a very long period of time, I had no clear direction of what to do, who to become someday, despite my beloved grandmother’s hope for me to become an intelligence agent. All I ever wanted to do was to see the world, to indulge in self portraits; to express myself through words and my camera and of course, to have the freedom to do all of the above.

With no desire for a traditional career, I somehow found myself becoming an author of novels for young adults which were published by Taiwan’s Morning Star Publishing Inc. and the Theater Publisher. And that, for a 20-something young woman who had been seen as a day dreamer by many, was an achievement I have taken pride in.

As I have been documenting my travel, fashion styling and the love for finer things in life; I have decided to share these experiences, my ideas and dreams on this platform, together with the help from my talented partner, fine art and fashion photographer Kent Johnson. We hope you enjoy sharing in our passion.

The Journey To White Caviar Life

As a Pisces, I love to day dream and way back in 1997, I was given the latest edition of Preferred Hotel & Resorts World Wide, a book sized brochure of exclusive resorts where I would have dearly loved to stay. This gift from my best friend Warren who just happened to be a hotelier’s son, planted the seed of travel to international resorts into my mind and fuelled constant daydreams of indulgence and exotic hotel stays.

A little later, my family purchased a hotel in the beautiful tourism and winery region of Margaret River in Western Australia. During their 15-year-long ownership of the business, I visited many times, and as a family member, the visits became a kind of working holiday, with me experiencing the intricacies of the hotel trade. This has given me, I believe, an insider’s view into seeing great accommodations as desired destinations in and of themselves; I truly believe that some of them are – like white caviar: the rarest epicurean delight and the ultimate in opulent indulgence.

While White Caviar Life focuses on the stay, the hotel; the resort as the destination; I’m thrilled also to showcase My Resort Wardrobe of fashion and accessories from vintage to the latest collections.., along with the rooms: stately, ornate; gilded, baroque to modern and minimalism… To inspire you to search, to create; to live the White Caviar Life.


We welcome any hotel, travel; fashion, food and beverage related media launch invite. For editorial coverage and/or sponsored post request, please contact: whitecaviarlife@gmail.com